Problems with Fast Fashion and What to Look for When Getting Ethical Clothing According to Riley Uggla

The fashion industry has a dirty secret that many people don’t know. Fast fashion, as it’s called, has a really damaging effect on everyone and everything involved. London’s Riley Uggla, Founder and Lead Designer of Riley Studio, is all too aware of the impact the fashion industry has on both communities and the environment.

The industry’s future will require ethical clothing, as it is both economical and valuable to our modern world. It does not damage the environment, which is one of the most important factors when deciding what to buy. The current fashion industry will need to change if it is to be successful. However, everyone will need to raise their voices and make personal decisions to make those changes happen.

Riley Uggla from London, England, Discusses the Pitfalls of Fast Fashion

The Current Fashion Industry

Globalization has had a profound impact on the fashion industry. It has been beneficial in some ways, but it has also created many problems that Riley Uggla is trying to solve.

Almost all clothes manufacturing happens in low-wage countries in Asia and other economically depressed areas globally. This clothing is then shipped thousands of miles on large container ships to their final destination. They are then transported and sold around stores all across the world. While this might not seem bad, it has a negative impact on the planet. The first thing is the people doing the labor don’t have it as good as you would think. There’s also a massive problem with the shipping industry when it comes to sustainability.

Low Wage Labor

In the fashion industry, many people won’t tell you who manufacturers the clothing you wear. Fast Fashion often pays a below livable wage for those who are crafting the clothing sold in large box stores. These workers also spend most of their lives working to deliver cheap clothing that most people will throw away within a few months, making millions of tons of waste per year.

Ethical clothing designers like Riley Uggla understand why this is so problematic for our world. It will take a monumental shift in how we choose to live our lives to stop problems like these from happening. If we don’t make the shift, it will only lead to more suffering and pain for the people doing these jobs. When shopping for ethical clothing (or any product) be sure to look out for where it is produced and if the company is forthcoming with their worker compensation.

Materials That Aren’t Sustainable

Riley Uggla from London, England, Explains Sustainability

The other reality that people don’t know is that most fashion is based on oil. The oil industry is the foundation of our modern world, and we would not have the living standards we do without it. However, many other alternative fabrics are not made from oil, so it is crucial to make that change and get the results we want. The fashion industry will require a fundamental shift in the materials people use to make clothing.

They will need to be eco-friendly and recyclable. They will also need to come from renewable sources, like bamboo, cotton, or hemp. Sustainability will also need to change in the way we grow certain crops that are used as fabrics. For example, most cotton comes from India and other places where the farmers are protesting because of the treatment they get from buyers. This will need to change if we are to move to ethical clothing down the line.

The Damage to the Environment That Transportation Causes

The other big secret about the fashion industry is that transporting all of these clothes to foreign countries requires massive container ships. These ships burn some of the dirtiest fuel you could ever imagine. The engines are also as large as a house, so you can imagine how much pollution that puts out.

There are hundreds of these ships moving from place to place, spewing pollution into the atmosphere. This pollution is a considerable threat comparable to all the cars being driven on our roads. The future of ethical fashion will require us to produce clothing close to where it is worn.

Personal Responsibility and Doing Your Part

Riley Uggla emphasizes personal responsibility, and each of us doing our part to make the situation better. It is going to require everyone to come together to find solutions to this problem. Fast fashion is the easiest path forward for most people, but we will have to take the difficult path and make tough choices. When we can do that, the word of fashion will be changed.

Wrap Up

Fast fashion has had a dramatic impact on the world. However, with clever people and innovations, such as those at Riley Studio, we will be able to get rid of fast fashion and move towards ethical clothing and design.

Riley Uggla is a British- Canadian fashion designer and the Founder and Creative Director for Riley Studio, a luxury fashion brand based out of London, England.