Riley Uggla Thinks Neutral Clothing Is the Future of Fashion

The way the fashion world works is not sustainable. Fashion goes through many cycles, which end up creating a lot of waste clothing. The biggest thing we could do is to focus on creating clothes that you could wear all year round. It is one of the many things that fashion designers have to figure out. Riley Uggla, an entrepreneur and fashion designer from London, England, thinks that this can be solved with what she terms neutral clothing.

It is a tremendous change from what we currently have, but it could profoundly impact the entire industry. It could make things look and feel a lot different from what we currently have to offer. However, to make this world of neutral clothing a reality, we will need a transformative shift in the way we look at fashion and apparel. The entire industry will change, and it will have a profound impact on everyone involved.

Founder of Riley Studio, Riley Uggla, Explains the Benefits of Neutral Clothing

What Is Neutral Clothing

Neutral clothing is the term we use for clothes that can fit any gender and season. Anyone can wear it, and it will look just as good when they do. You only need to pick the size that fits you, and you will look great in those clothes. It is slowly catching on as gender fluidity is gaining acceptance as is being environmentally conscious.

The Positive Benefits for Your Wallet

Neutral fashion will have a profound impact on your wallet. In fact, it will profoundly impact a lot of other aspects of your life. The main positive benefit will be in how little money you will spend on clothing over time. The current model of fashion is what is called ‘Fast Fashion”. Fast Fashion relies on creating pieces that go out of style relatively quickly, and thus are not meant to stand the test of time. Most of our current clothing will succumb to everyday wear and tear within a couple of months, forcing us to buy new articles of clothing on a regular basis. By planning your wardrobe around staple pieces that do not go out of style and are built to last, you will spend less money annually on clothing.

You’ll be able to enjoy the added savings and it will also impact the way you get dressed every day. There is a concept in Habit Science called decision fatigue. Having all of your clothes be so similar will cause you to have less decision fatigue throughout the day. It will make it easier for you to resist those temptations, which could be crucial for doing other things in your life. You will have the willpower to follow through on some of your biggest goals, which many people never think about when it comes to fashion.

Benefits to the Environment

Another significant benefit will be to the environment. Many people throw out clothing every few months, as they think it is out of style. They move on to new fashion trends and leave a mountain of clothing to go to the garbage. It creates a lot of pollution, and it also means we are wasting a lot of precious resources that could be recycled or put to better use.

We also have to consider that a globalized supply chain has been devastating to our environment. The majority of clothing is manufactured in South Asia. The majority of the manufacturing processes used here are not ethical. It is one of the many reasons why ethical fashion is such a crucial goal for Riley Uggla and her company, Riley Studio.

Benefits to the Atmosphere with Pollution

The other major benefit of the clothing industry going neutral will be in how things are transported. Transportation has a significant impact on how our modern economy works, but it is often one of the areas where pollution is the worst. We would do a lot better with the way pollution is if we didn’t have large container ships moving things from one place to the next.

It would truly transform the world of fashion, which is one reason why Riley Uggla is so adamant about this. She thinks it will be the most important change in how we wear clothes since synthetic fabrics were invented. It will be a huge boom to the modern economy, and it is also going to change the way we look at ourselves.

Riley Uggla is a British- Canadian fashion designer and the Founder and Creative Director for Riley Studio, a luxury fashion brand based out of London, England.